the girl behind the blog

i am marcie. i live in pittsburgh, pennsylvania with my amazing husband, jeremy and our cat, batman.

in october 2014 i started to make my health and taking care of myself a priority. i finally realized that obsessively counting calories and drinking excessive amounts of diet coke was not actually a healthy way to live. i started to focus on eating clean, whole foods and not worrying so much about the calories that i was consuming because i was fueling my body. for the first time, i started to enjoy working out and i really felt good about myself. over the past few years the focus on taking care of my health has translated into all aspects of my life.

i have always loved to share healthy recipes and workouts with the hopes of inspiring others and to hold myself accountable (because let’s be honest, it is not always easy to choose working out and a kale salad over a beer and pizza). enter the full bloom project. my goal with this blog is to share my journey in a relatable way. i fully accept that some days you will not pick the workout over the pizza and that is okay! the full bloom project is about self discovery and creating an inspired + balanced life. you can expect to find various topics on health, wellness, travel, fashion – oh and not to mention some unhealthy recipes, adventures with the hubby usually including craft beer, and quite possibly some swear words sprinkled in.